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How long does LMO processing takes?.

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How long does LMO processing takes?.

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carebear [ Moderator ]

Processing times for LMOs can vary from province to province. Longer wait times can be expected where TFWs are more frequently used as a part of the labour force (BC, Alberta, and Ontario). It usually takes from 4 weeks to 12 weeks.

In Quebec, in addition to the LMO application that must be submitted by the employer, the worker must submit an application for a Québec Acceptance Certificate (QAC) from the Ministère de l'immigration et communautés culturelles (MICC). There is a cost associated with the QAC, which can be paid by either the worker or the employer. A joint HRSDC/MICC letter is sent to the employer, who then sends it to the proposed worker for submission to CIC. To find out more about this process see 

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My LMO application is on process but i wanna cancel it and i dont wanna work to this employer. where and what number should i contact to cancel those applications?

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